To provide my clients with a fun and challenging form of exercise and impart
                 a better understanding of the body's proper alignment and breathing.  


I bring more than twenty years of dance experience, from Ballet to musical theatre, into the world
of Pilates and personal training.  
I trained and worked for three years with Master teacher Peter Vaillancourt, in an exercise
system that synergistically combines Pilates, Ballet, Yoga and Physical Therapy.
I am proficient on the Body Reformer, the Cadillac, the Mat, the Wunda Chair, the Magic Circle,
the Barrel, and the Thera Ball.
I have been a practitioner of Yoga for many years, and a singer since I was born.  
I truly understand the importance of correct breathing.


Worked twice weekly in-house with Ms. Floria Lasky upon recommendation
by Dr. Latov. We saw a significant improvement in breathing and overall
muscular strength and control, and a greater confidence in walking
with and without the support of a cane.

Worked once a week in-house with Dr. Schaffner upon recommendation
by Dr. Latov

From “Helping Yourself with Peripheral Neuropathy”
Written by Dr.Bertram Schaffner
September 15, 2002

I came to understand that my “lurching” had a lot to do with missing the sensory cues from my
feet which would have informed my sense of balance.
To my great surprise, Doctor Norman Latov , of New York's Columbia Medical Center,pointed out
that I needed instruction in walking!  I never dreamt that one’s walking could be incorrect.  I
consulted a personal trainer, Peter Vaillancourt, for help with body movements.  He and his
assistant, Mary Ragan, have been invaluable to me.  While Peter has emphasized stretching
and muscle strengthening, Mary has concentrated on locating and reactivating muscles that I
was not using.  She has taught me the sequence of movements in walking that I was unaware of,
and improved my understanding of what is involved in attaining good, functional posture.  I am
especially grateful to her for teaching me how to breathe properly.  I had no conception of its
importance until I began working with her.  I now have the mental concentration and muscular
control I need to keep from lurching.


BUSU Bootcamp, Crunch Fitness, New York, NY

Instructor, Vaillancourt Studio, New York, NY

I welcome each client and then proceed with a work session that is tailored to the individual.
The clients range from a 13 year-old student from the School of American Ballet,
to a 30, 40 or 50-something professional, to a 90 year- old doctor!   


Instructor, Brooklyn Museum of Art

I co-created a class that combines Pilates mat work with Ballet and Yoga to provide an exercise
program for the employees after work.
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