“I have gone to Mary for Pilates for 3 years.   I love Pilates and a large part of the reason
is Mary.  She creates a wonderful and supportive environment in her studio and her years
of professional experience mean that she is a thoughtful and expert instructor.  Mary
tailors Pilates to my body and how it is feeling that day.  
I trust her completely!”  
Jen W.

“Ragan Pilates not only changed my body, it changed my life.  Eric and Mary are warm,
wonderful teachers that encouraged me to eventually become a trainer myself.  Their
teaching method is gentle, yet you feel like you worked hard.  You leave the sessions
invigorated, breathing deeply and looking forward to what you will be able to do next.”  
Stephanie W.

“I was understandably nervous when I began Pilates, but Mary's non-invasive approach
made me feel comfortable. She taught me to trust my body as she guided me into each
position that ultimately made me feel better and stronger.  Through my hard work and her
dedication I lost 2 pant sizes! The best part is, Ragan Pilates helps you with all aspects of
your life!”  
Raquel N.

I am so grateful for Ragan Pilates.  I came to Ragan Pilates in the summer of 2006 from a
Manhattan studio, which I loved very much.  However, my new schedule demanded that I
find a studio in Queens, where I live.  Unfortunately, I did not find a great number of Pilates
studios that treat the work the way it should be treated.  Mary and Eric do.  With them,
Pilates provides a good workout as it restores  a sense of balance and and energy.  In the
summer of 2007, I needed to have abdominal surgery, and couldn't exercise for 6 weeks
after.  It took me 7-9 months to get to the fitness level I enjoyed before the surgery, but
with Ragan Pilates and my consistent twice-a-week schedule, I got back in shape. I find the
instructors pleasant, professional, knowledgable and caring.  I am so glad I found this
Paula T.

I have been going to Ragan Pilates for about five years now, and I must say, I am hooked. I
was a newbie to Pilates, and was nervous starting this new and mysterious exercise
technique. Mary was wonderful and really worked with me and where my body was at the
time. When I first started, I came with bunions, a lot of knee and hip pain, and frequent
swelling in my knee caps when I would get fatigued. Mary worked with my limitations,
helping me to strengthen not only my core (which looks much better now), but also the rest
of my body. Through Pilates, I have been able to strengthen the muscles in my legs,
improve my breathing and posture, I have learned how to take better care of my body, and
I am pretty much pain free. Now what keeps me coming is how every few weeks or so, I will
notice some new part of my body toned up in a way that I hadn't seen before. Mary has
mastered the art of challenging us, without overdoing it. Thanks Mary!
Maryum K.

For the entire 34 years of my life I have never worked out. Of course I had done things that
were active, like playing soccer as a kid, or skateboarding as a teenager, but "working
out" was something that only yuppie ladies and jocks did.  When I hit my 30's my body
really started to go. I ended up gaining a lot of weight and was generally unhealthy. After
my wife and I got engaged, I knew that something had to be done before the big wedding
day. My wife suggested Pilates, and I accepted because Mary & Eric's studio was literally
across the street from our apartment. I was blown away by the first session. I felt
wonderful, and had this new visceral urge to change the way that I had been living. I started
a regimen of two private sessions a week with Mary and Eric. I bought a bike, and started
biking to work. I altered my diet some but I did not go on a diet. The changes in my body
were subtle but noticeable very quickly. Believe it or not, after eight months ( just in time
for the wedding) I had lost about thirty pounds! After a year, I had lost over fifty pounds,
and I've kept it off.

I owe all of this to Mary & Eric's knowledge, dedication, and their
wonderful attitudes. Their sensitivity, as well as their sense of
humor make them great people to work with.

Now that we've moved away from New York City, I miss them both terribly, and can't
express just how wonderful they are. They are truly great friends, and just happened to be
the life of the party at our wedding!
Doug M.
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